Adapted from THE RAILWAY CHILDREN, a 1905 British novel by E. Nesbit, the story centers on the adventures of three youngsters.

"A charming turn of the century story. . . . The characters are charming and likable. The depiction of the children is quite believable. Each has a distinct personality. All the parts are well developed. . . the suspense is well done and the ending a surprise. . . some nice humor to savor as well. . . a good adaptation of a popular old novel." (Columbia Entertainment Company, MO; comments of contest judges)

CAST: 12 roles; 6F,6M

PLAYING TIME: Under 90 minutes without intermission. An intermission can be added.

SCENERY: Action moves between two areas: cottage and train station.

PLOT:  The three Blair youngsters--Bobbie, a teen-aged girl and her younger siblings Peter and Phyllis--move suddenly and mysteriously from their comfortable suburban home to Three Chimneys, a cottage in a village southeast of London.  Now living by the railway tracks, the youngsters are bewildered: Mother refuses to fully explain Father's absence.

Shifting for themselves as Mother becomes breadwinner, the youngsters become more self-sufficient and cooperative: They help rescue a Russian immigrant, avert a train disaster, befriend a poor railway porter, help find the Russian's family, and finally, the youngsters help bring about the return of their own absent father.

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