The Secret Garden

Drama. Two acts; 5F, FM (including three youngsters). Suggested scenery. Playing time just under two hours.

Adapted from Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic novel. Published by BAKER'S PLAYS.

Co-Winner, American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE) Unpublished Play Project.

"Absolutely charming adaptation of a beautiful story. . . that has the power to appeal to both younger and older audiences. . . rich language. . . solid characters. . . the mystery and drama is strong. . ." (AATE Judges).

"The California Theatre Center production. . . was very successful for us. . . an intelligent and deeply felt piece of work. . . mesmerizing even for the youngest audience members. All the actors, adults and children, enjoyed the rich and accessible characterizations, and were surprised by the amount of humor. . . (Will Huddleston, Resident Director).

"From every perspective, the production was an unqualified success. Garnered positive word of mouth and standing ovations." (Ralph Maffongelli, Director of Theatre, Sheboygan Theatre Co.,WI).

"Entertainment with a message for children and adults. . . Serious but very heart warming, inspiring. . . there's a magical quality." (Sheboygan Press)

"WHO SHOULD GO:  Kids--and parents overwhelmed after spending a long hot summer with them.   The story's main characters are sympathetic enough for even young children to identify with and the family friendly theme offers an understated positive message."   (Bret Love, ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION)

Mark McCoy's impressive sound score on CD includes incidental music and sound effects.

Recent productions include Bawds Theatre-Cambridge, England; Savoy Theatre-Cape Breton, Canada.

Available in Dutch translation ("De geheime tuin") through TONEELUITGEVERLJ VINK B.V.; Alkmaar.

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