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Adapted from L. Frank Baum's fable, A KIDNAPPED SANTA CLAUS.

The Demons--Hateful, Selfish, and Jealous--try to kidnap Santa Claus right before Christmas.

Suitable for touring. Simple score by Scott Taylor; songs easy to learn. Has been performed with and without vocals.

CAST: 1M, 1F; 9M or F.

PLAYING TIME: About 30 minutes.

SCENERY: Setting suggested: Santa's shop, Demon's Cave.

"Students at all grade levels were very attentive. . . understood the serious parts, laughed during the comical parts. . . . All of the faculty has positive statements about the play and actors. The length was just right." (Principal, Dupree Elementary School about Lubbock H.S. performance in Dupree cafeteria)

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