Professor Zuccini's Travelling Tales

Ideal for touring: Three tales freely adapted from folklore. Though the plots are interwoven, each tale can stand alone as a one-act.

CAST: 6 to 20 or more.

SCENERY: A bare stage.

PLAYING TIME: 65-70 minutes or more.

Rated "A" by Brigham Young University CHILDREN'S BOOK REVIEW:  "This collection of three folk tales produced in Commedia style is a theatrical delight. . . . Dialogue is quick paced, action abounds." (Harold R. Oaks, BYU)

". . . high spirits, creative comedy talents and generous helpings of vaudevillian fun. . . . (LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL)

"PROFESSOR ZUCCINI is delighting our young audiences." (Actor's Theatre of Louisville, KY)

"To say that PROFESSOR ZUCCINI was a rousing success is a gross understatement! We have been told that it was the best show that ever toured the schools" (Jane Street, Lees-Mcrae College; NC.)

"A vaudevillian aura and exaggerated characters make this fun."

These tales have been produced individually as one-acts; two tales make a double bill.

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