Commissioned by Baker's Plays. A musical adaptation of Sylvia Ashby's popular dramatic version.  Music by Mark McCoy.

CAST: 16 roles: 9F,7M; has been performed with a cast of 40+

PLAYING TIME: two hours.

SCENERY: Suggested, stylized.

"You'll find an evening filled with warmth and wit.  Don't miss Sheboygan Theatre Company's season opener." (SHEBOYGAN PRESS,WI)

"[The] show went great! The community loved it and the kids had fun doing it." (David Franceschina, Director of Music, Waterville H.S. Maryland)

"Wonderful night of music and theatre for memers of the University and community."
(Vice President of Academic Affairs, Shepherd University, Shepherdstown WV)

". . . a wonderful presentation. I thought the production was outstanding. . . marvelously performed." (Superintendent of Schools; Sheboygan, WI)

"Lubbock Community Theatre was amazed to see patrons from hundreds of miles around come by busloads. . . without a doubt, our biggest money maker ever. . . . Joy and delight was expressed by hundreds." (Bill Lanier, President; Lubbock Community Theatre)

Order from Baker's Plays