Mrs. Peck's Christmas Puddin'

Adapted from Eliza Lee Follen's 19th century American play

Cast:  4W, 4M, 5 youngsters (3F, 2M).

Very simple scenery.

Widow Peck struggles to raise her youthful brood.  Though out of money, food, and places to turn for help, she is determined to have a Christmas pudding.  As every effort ends in disappointment, she grows increasingly desperate -- until a mysterious stranger appears.  "A charming play with delightful characters and colorful language."  Youngsters' ages are flexible.

"This nineteenth-century tale depicts poverty, want, and the various ways people of means have of dealing with the destitute.  The characters are interesting and give excellent opportunity for young people to play enthusiastic parts.  Scenery and costume requirements are limited.  It should be a lot of fun for school and amateur groups looking for an unusual piece for Christmas that does not deal with religion."  (Harold R. Oaks, BYU CHILDREN'S BOOK REVIEW)

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