Tales of Molly Malloy

Suitable for touring. Tales can be presented on almost any available space.

CAST: Minimum 4F, 4M; can be expanded to 20+.

SCENERY: Bare stage.

PLAYING TIME: About 45 minutes for all three tales.

Three light-hearted tales, freely adapted from folklore, center on a clever and feisty young heroine-Molly Malloy: THE SQUIRE'S BRIDE, THE PRINCE AND THE PROMISE, and MOLLY AND THE MINSTREL.  Each tale can stand alone. Tales One and Two, or Two and Three create a short double bill.

"Quick and light and clever, in keeping with the stories. . . .  Bright, easy going heroine. . . .  Molly is a really enjoyable character. . . Clever female as protagonist. . . .  Dialogue is bright and carefree. . . pace is terrific. . . .   Well constructed scenes. " (Indiana Univ./Purdue Univ. Semi-Finalist Award in Youth Theatre Playwriting).

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